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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Victoria's Secret Pink: V-string

The beautiful Adriana Lima for Victoria's Secret

This was the first time I bought something from Victoria's Secret (from VSPink, to be exact, a sub-brand of VS).

And I can say that the V-string is a good buy! Some background info on this product.

  • The V-string is a variant of the G-string.
  • The original G-string has less material between the legs and buttocks, with a string-like appearance (and minimal tan lines).
  • The V-string is a thong with a triangle "v" of cloth at the top of the rear.

Apparently, the V-string was created/named, to separate it from the somewhat trashy (to some people) association with the G-string. Well, I think people should be free to wear whatever they like and want to, as long as there's no harm done to anyone in the process :).

I forgot whose quote this is. I think the person was a model: "A good G-string just sits there." So yes, the V-string does just that.

Needless to say, VSPink has many, many gorgeous prints and patterns for their undies.

Sexy and comfortable is a good combination. And these are cotton with no lace so they're pretty practical too. I admit that's quite subjective to my personal preference. So far, I've preferred looking at lace lingerie (which are very pretty), as opposed to wearing them.

In the meantime, I look forward to trying the rest of VS's product lines.

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