Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Eco Friendly Gifts, Fashion, Bags

Ecoist handmade handbags are made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, soda labels, and other recycled materials. The candy wrappers are "upcycled" into eco friendly bags, recycled purses, and one-of-kind handbags!

Ecoist has partnered with multinational brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Disney, Frito-Lay, and M&M's, to repurpose all their post-industrial waste. So far, Ecoist has saved more than 40 million wrappers from landfills.

Ecoist’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond recycling waste-bound materials, as fair trade is also practiced. The company cares for the artisans who put their skills and love into making the products. Ecoist is a family-owned business, that pays their artisans fair and meaningful wages, as they can see the value inherent in investing in the lives of their workers, their families, and their communities.

Ecoist also plants a tree for every handbag sold. In partnership with Trees for the Future, Ecoist has contributed to reforestation efforts around the world. So far, Ecoist has planted over 100,000 trees.

View all the gorgeous items @ http://www.ecoist.com

P.S. By definition, an Ecoist is “an individual that lives a modern, eco-minded lifestyle.” Each purchase from the Ecoist website contributes to making our planet a healthier, better, and more peaceful place to live.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unique Custom Portraits

"Ernie" is the one-person-operation behind Draw Your Face Off -- a website where you can order original, inked portraits.

Under the FAQ, the last question goes:

Q: Can I make a suggestion for my drawing?

A: Nope. I can read your mind. Actually I can't, but I work better alone.

As a one-person-operation team myself (at jessINK), I know how "doing everything oneself" (artistically) allows for 100% undiluted focus, passion, and enthusiasm.

Ernie's portraits are 100% the real deal -- ink to paper (I love ink!), colored, varnished, AND framed.

A great gift for yourself or a friend -- $34 for U.S.-based customers -- about the cost of a nice dinner out. An original portrait / piece of real art lasts way longer than one nice dinner, in terms of tangibility ;)

Check out Ernie's rad, sweet and awesome portraits @ www.drawyourfaceoff.com!

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Extra Links:

Couple of quotes/links to do with portraiture:

1) "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter." ~ Oscar Wilde

2) J. K. Rowling's Portrait, by Stuart Pearson Wright

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gloves In A Bottle

I have really sensitive skin (face breaks out easily; products always need to have the "hypoallergenic" label; etc etc), so I was quite skeptical at first with Gloves in a Bottle.

My right hand, as maintained/cared for/pampered with Gloves in a Bottle!

I'm currently living in Maine (grew up in Singapore) -- Singapore = very humid (but better for the skin), Maine = not so humid (but much dryer air, in comparison).

I usually have a whole range of moisturizers lying around. I've Hemp Body Moisturizer, Vaseline, St. Ive's, and Nivea (currently using their very-nice shower gel; not sure if I have a bottle of moisturizer lying around somewhere...)...but the best (in terms of protection + hydration) = Gloves in a Bottle.

No reactions to the product, no fragrance/parfum (which according to Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, can be harmful -- especially for sensitive skin).

Just a smooth, hydrating treat for the hands :)

Check it out @ www.glovesinabottle.com

* At the time of this posting, 1 bottle = $14.95 (plus $7.95 shipping and handling, for U.S.-based customers). 1 bottle can last up to 120 applications (according to their website).

* I received some samples in the mail (1 bottle and a couple of sachets). It felt very slightly gooey at first (I think I used too much from the first sachet), though the product absorbs quickly enough into the skin. After a few tries, my hands just feel smooth and well-hydrated (no gooey/sticky/oily feeling at all).

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Best Drawing Book, The Elements of Drawing

If you want to buy just one drawing book (for yourself, or an art enthusiast)...

Make sure this is the one -- The Elements of Drawing, by John Ruskin! I came across The Elements of Drawing at the library on a random day, when I was a wayward 16/17-year-old (I am now 23). I had always wanted to draw, but found many of the drawing books to be not very useful/helpful (as the introduction states, in the "elements of drawing" copy/edition that I read).

Many modern how-to-draw books do not instill/nurture/teach/inspire one to develop their own artistic sense, and a keen observation/attention to detail, which are two things I managed to attain (and continue to attain), as a direct result of this splendid book by John Ruskin.

It's not an easy book to read -- in fact, I believe Ruskin himself states/warns in the beginning that some parts/activities will be quite tedious (such as the careful manual shading of gradients) -- he does say that if you really, really want to learn how to draw, you've got to be prepared to put your life into it (to that effect). He says something about having the diligence to put in 150-200 hours into learning how to draw (or how to do anything)...and since time = life, I guess that puts what he says into perspective.

John Ruskin's fine definition of drawing is as follows: "all art is but dirtying the paper delicately." I love the way he presented whatever he had to say/teach about art and drawing -- it's a real sharing/transference of knowledge.

Drawing's turned out to be a lifesaver for me. It's helped me to develop more confidence in myself and what I do...I'm very lucky to have had the good fortune to have been guided by The Elements of Drawing.

P.S. I think I took a grand total of about 4-5 years to actually get through the book from cover to cover (I read it on and off from the time I was 17-22)...but I'm glad I took the time to gradually let my artistic senses develop (something that money and the average art class cannot buy).

+ Review originally posted @ Goodreads.com

+ I've also blogged about my own experience with art/drawing (with the guidance of The Elements of Drawing) @ http://jesscscott.wordpress.com/2010/07/04/drawing-confidence/

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Free Blog Novel

jess c scott

I will start posting here again in August -- I've been very busy with my debut blog/IM novel...

Which is available for FREE for the rest of July!

Download Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/2864
Official Website: http://eyeleash.wordpress.com/

Tell all your friends about it ;)