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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NIKEiD - Custom Designs

Nike IDs is an online service that allows you to design your own custom sneakers, bags, apparel, and accessories (watches and wristbands). You are free to apply your own choice of colors and materials to a broad range of equipment.

The favorite Nike models are there (Air Max, Nike Shox, Nike+), all from the comfort of your own home/computer. The Air Zoom Moire models (Women's>Running) can even be designed with the latest snazzy iPod colors.

The website interface is incredibly user-friendly. The Nike ID site is completely Flash-driven, so the shopping experience is unique and interactive. The webpages load quickly which is always a plus point for convenient online shopping. The main appeal lies in the freedom of personal expression by designing your own product.

There are color options for lace, midsole, and the iconic swoosh. Even the accent of the shoe can be tweaked (from a maximum range of 16 different colors), to give the product a truly personalized look and feel.

As a company, Nike has established a long-term commitment to eco-friendly organic cotton. Nike has set a goal of using organic fibers for at least 5 percent of its cotton-based garments by 2010. That means more than five million pounds of organic cotton a year. For the sake of our planet, I hope other brands will be more than encouraged to follow suit.

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