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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Book Wyrms

Book Wyrms 1: Tender is the Knight

These fine gift collectibles would make a lovely gift for bookworms, that are fantasy/dragon lovers too!

The one in the picture is by Andrew Bill, a sculptor of dragon figurines.

His Book Wyrms I series, which features four very nice dragons, were actually made to fit together in a row. Book Wyrms II follows this pattern as well. The brilliant, colorful dragons are made from a cold cast resin, and hand painted with much attention to detail. Each order comes packaged in a neat box that looks like a pile of books.

The dragons are cleverly named. In Book Wyrms I, they're called White Fang, Drakes of Wrath, Lord of the Wings, and Tender is the Knight. The dragons in Book Wyrms II are Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger, Gone with the Wind, Black Beauty, and My Friend Flicker.

There are many more products found at

Fairy cards and tins feature the mystical artwork of Nene Thomas, Amy Brown, and Jessica Galbreth. 2008 Calendars are available in limited quantities as well, so it'd be best to order early to avoid heartache at a later date.

I Believe Collectibles was created to provide a retail outlet for high quality collectibles where magic could be created everyday. They sure are meeting their goal of bringing joy and enchantment into the world, by offering unique items from all over the fantasy realm.

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