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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chimes and Things

Someone gave us gorgeous windchimes last Christmas and now that I'm out of the house more I can listen to the wind blowing the chimes - really beautiful sounds. This one is a traditional wind chime which is hand tuned and made of weather proof materials.

They don't only have windchimes there, but lots of other cool stuff as well.

Burt's Bees personal care items are sold here (such as beeswax lipbalm and hand repair moisturizing kits). There's a handblown glass heart as well as stained glass suncatchers which rays of sunshine will bring out the best of.

Purses, accessories, and a "Zen" section contain items a little more exotic, with a mystic Oriental touch (such as the World Peace Bracelet by Sergio Lub). You could find something you like for yourself or for a special someone.

Fern's Garden is run by a brother and sister team in the USA. It was started 25 years ago and was set up as a rebuttal to "globalization", which caused many American artisans to fold up their businesses. Fern's Garden is dedicated to ethical trade and fair treatment of artisans the world over. Pay them a visit if you're in Southern California.

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