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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bag It!

I love bags! Maybe you know someone who does too. Wide selection of bags at: Henrietta's Handbags.

One of the sections I took an immediate liking to was the vintage-inspired purse patterns by Monica Poole. Many of them had a classic old-world charm about them, which seems to be a little lacking in some of the more mainstream, mass-produced bags out in the market.

Here's just one of the pretty designs, featuring three uber lovely and psychedelic-looking feline friends. This range is designed by Laurel Burch. Her designs feature colorful animals and show off a sense of style that's uniquely, distinctly hers. The eye-catching colors immediately jazz up an otherwise "safe" outfit you might have.

The section Indygo Junction contains bag/purse patterns and pattern books for you to get acquainted with the craft itself, as well as more intricate specific designs like the Matilda purse or Nouveau Hobo bag pattern.

There's backpacks for practical folks too. Items like the delicate felted purses (using the time honored technique of pounding, agitation, and scrubbing until the natural barbs of wool fasten on to each other) are sure to be noticed if you take one of them out with you on shopping trips.

With the Folded Kimono Purse pattern, genuine vintage Kimono fabric is used. No two kits are alike as all the patterns are one of a kind.

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