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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Celtic Attic

I've always loved the products on CelticAttic. I also really enjoyed playing chess as a kid, and probably still would if I actually did have a chess set. It's just not the same playing it online (though it makes a just barely suitable substitute)!

The chess sets available on this website are exactly what I'd like a chess set to look and be like. This is the Mandarin Ivory chess set which features detailed pieces in both ivory-like and Hong Tze finishes. It's priced at US$55. They also have a drop-dead gorgeous medieval dragon chess set which is going for US$106.

Hong Tze is a special stone found in the Sou mountains of China. It has a deep red color. Sculptures and items made of Hong Tze are polished to further bring out the intense, deep red.

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