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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

China Gifts & Crafts

Glass wall clocks, glass fruit bowls, and glass ashtrays. These are some of the attractive products which you can get from China Gifts & Crafts.

Their high quality glass products are hand-painted, roasted to give a curved-shape (at the corners), then finally put into a stove under high temperatures to be fused. All the processes such as color matching, painting and furnishing are completed by hand. The materials used are non-fading, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

I found their products very tasteful and liked the wide range of floral designs very much. They're slightly whimsical, which makes each piece unique without being too stark. The products would be more of a complement than contrast to one's home decor.

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bappy khan said...

Many modern how-to-draw books do not instill/nurture/teach/inspire one to develop their own Romantic Gifts artistic sense, and a keen observation/attention to detail, which are two things I managed to attain (and continue to attain), as a direct result