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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Midday Musings

After shifting 3 blogs over from Blogger to WordPress, I've decided to keep this blog as it is over here. Never mind importing posts, that's the easy part -- it's the image links I'd have to manually go through and fix one by one.

I *could* of course, start the whole blog over, but I'd rather not (I might fiddle around with the .css file here more freely though...).

I initially wanted to feature items according to the holiday/season, starting from this year. However, I guess I'm just the sort of person that isn't into the whole "commercialized" aspect of, well, things in general. This doesn't mean I don't like stuff -- but if I may say so, it's kind of...unimaginative, to feature a wholeeeee bunch of "romantic gifts", just because "V Day is approaching"...

I know this blog focuses on gifts -- but I like to do things differently / my own way (if only to keep things interesting for myself).

And besides (in this V Day case), I've always figured I'd appreciate being shown I'm loved/cared for etc, on any random day of the year based on simple meaningful gestures (nice gifts from time to time included) -- not just on this allocated "Valentine's Day", where one is socially not only licensed but expected to "do something" for their "significant other" to "show they care".

I probably could've done a much better job summing that up in a more concise and cohesive manner, but I'm in a rambling mood today.

I guess now that my other blogs are settled, I'm thinking of how I could liven this one up a little, so please pardon me if posts and updates get a bit erratic (nothing new :P).

I'm quite happy with the way the other now WP-powered blogs are going. I wouldn't like to simply chuck this one aside, and/or have it be too "predictable"...so yeah. I'll see what I can come up with.

PS: Yep, I've a habit of using lots of parentheses (brackets) when thought-processing ^^.


I found you first. said...

Hey Jess!

Out of the several blogs you have going on, I figured this be the best to write back ;)

Just wanted to say thanks for your kind words and I really look forward in seeing any artwork you have to share with others!

I'm really diggin' the Fantasy Art Blog, and it seems like you miiight know some great sites (i'd be happy to hear what you've been checking out these days)

anyhow, thanks again and be well!

Jess. said...


yes, i have too many for my own good i think :P

you're welcome. i don't think i'll be adding much "constructive criticism" anywhere though...i mostly personally like to leave art + the artist to do/be as they wish.

i've a long list of firefox bookmarks for that fantasy art blog...nice stash, lol.

thank you and have a good week too ^^!