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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Geek Gifts

Here are hi-tech gifts that are functional and look great too. The products are from Fractalspin -- geekcessories galore!

1. Microcontroller Cufflinks & Tie Tack

funky tie tack

The set of black cufflinks (and a tie tack in black and silver, shown above) are made from real microcontrollers. The tie tack costs $35.00 (~ € 25.41).

Microcontrollers are tiny, self-sufficient microprocessors that take up little space. The Basic Stamp controller is the most well known. It contains the memory and interfaces needed for simple applications.

2. Duct Tape Hybrid BiFold Wallet

duct tape wallet

A clean, minimalistic wallet that's super strong, being made of Duct Tape. The Ducti wallet uses Super Duct Tape so it won't peel or leak adhesive -- which can be a problem with traditional duct tape. There's room for credit/debit cards, cash, and there's a picture window for the owner's ID.

3. Odin’s Rage Watch

odin's rage watch

This LED watch (LED=light-emitting diode) substitutes a large inner dot for the hour hand position, and a small outer dot for the minute hand position. Uber funky.

The four small LEDs at the center represent the minutes between each five-minute increment, and the two small dots in the bottom center represent AM or PM. There are instructions on how to read the watch too.

Reference: Six Valentine’s Day nerdy guy gifts that aren’t lame

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