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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dining in New York

Yes, I've still a backlog of e-mails to get to--being a writer is a crazy endeavor. I have a short story to see to first, and then I'm on to writing book03. I'll update my sites when I can.

For now, here's something a little different: an article on NYC dining. Kindly written for Oonique by Reed @ Reed's Tickets!

PS: Part 2 of this article can be found here: NYC, Restaurant Week.


Know Where To Eat In NYC!

Let's face it - you could be a lifetime native of NYC and still get confused when it comes to finding a good restaurant. Why? Because new places literally pop up every day here - apart from that, some truly legendary eateries have quietly established themselves in the city but you don't know where to look! The good news is that no matter what your taste or budget is, you'll find the perfect place to eat somewhere in the Big Apple.

1) Budget Meals

When you think about dining on a $10 budget, you're probably not thinking about very fine dining. You're probably not even expecting a very tasty meal - but that's just where NYC proves you wrong. There are a number of places out there where you can have a great meal for as less as ten bucks. A lot of them are hard to find though - for example, there is a burger place next to the Le Parker Meridien but you'll probably have to ask the hotel concierge for directions to get there! But it's a place worth knowing about, as you can get a tasty cheeseburger, fries and a soda for just ten dollars.

nyc chinese
Great NY Noodle Town | Photo by Yun Cee Ng

If you're in the mood for Chinese food, even in the middle of the night, then you can head over to the Great NY Noodle Town. Here you can order roast pork and noodles in soup, vegetables in oyster sauce and roast duck on rice for just $9.50.

If you'd like Middle Eastern cuisine, Mamoun's offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in a cozy atmosphere. A falafel sandwich, some Turkish coffee and tabouleh will cost you about eight bucks. You can even get a budget piece of history by dining at Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop, which has been around since 1929 - here you can get matzo ball soup, an egg cream and a chopped liver sandwich for just under nine dollars.

2) International Breakfasts

In any other city, your dining options for breakfast would be pretty limited. But not in NYC - you can literally taste any number of breakfast dishes from anywhere in the world.

Feel like having some Dim Sum in the morning? There are a number of places all over the city that specialize in this uniquely Asian style of brunch. Of course when it comes to breakfast in New York, everyone thinks of bagels. Whether you like them toasted, chewy or doughy, you'll find the perfect bagel for you.

But what if you've got a craving for a truly American breakfast? We're talking classic dishes like steak and eggs or buttermilk pancakes - if you want something extra special then head over to Norma's for a really rich breakfast treat.

norma's nyc
Breakfast for Lunch? Always @ Norma's

Of course these dining options are just the tip of the iceberg. NYC offers something for everyone in terms of good dining.

For example, opera buffets offer people some great dining and a chance to listen to professional opera singers at the same time. From the most expensive restaurants in the world to places that serve you food for as less as ten bucks, you can find it all at NYC!

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spill said...

Let's face it - you could be a lifetime native of NYC and still get confused when it comes to finding a good restaurant

Jess. said...

yeah. perhaps it's a feature of world class cities? ^^