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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diamond Jewelry

Classic Jewelry Designs, Inc., provides high quality fine jewelry. Most of the jewelry is manufactured in New York City -- the jewelry is crafted in the company's on-premises workshop. Customers can thus expect the highest level of quality control.

Here are some of their wickedly lovely pieces of jewelry:

Premium 3 Prong Studs

I usually prefer dangling earrings to stud earrings, but nothing says 'glamour' like a pair of diamond earrings! Modern yet classy, these sort of earrings are highly adaptable to any occasion, and a must have item for a lady's jewelry collection. Diamond stud earrings hold a simple and dazzling design which can match different items of attire.

The round and princess cut diamonds of Classic Jewelry are expertly cut, to maximize the sparkle and beauty of each pair of earrings. They are available in both prong and bezel styles (bezel is a groove that holds the gem in its setting).

Three Diamond Princess Cut Ring

This is a very attractive Princess Cut Three Stone Ring. Some people like the Princess because it is rectangular, while still having some of the sparkle of a traditional Round brilliant cut.

Watch out for shape appeal when selecting this type of diamond cut. Judge the attractiveness of the shape by looking at the girdle outline. Be wary of girdles which are too thin, because they are more prone to chipping. Princess cut diamonds also require four-pronged settings -- keep this in mind when shopping for one.

Contemporary Diamond Star Pendant

Last but not least, this is a more contemporary piece of jewelry from the online catalog. I personally quite fancy star-shaped accessories like the diamond pendant above. It's nice having a little piece of the night sky to accent your style.


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