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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Buy Eyeglasses Online

cool specs
Frame #3391 ($8.00), by Zenni Optical

I've had to wear glasses for a long time. I remember having to pay quite exorbitant prices from time to time -- due to the frame, lens power, Anti-Reflective coating, etc.

Recently, I decided to check out the prescription eyeglasses available online. I was looking for something very affordable/economically-priced. I also wanted a plastic frame. They're more durable, can be thrown around, and I prefer the bridge as compared to the irritating nosepieces of metal frames.

I decided on 3 stores -- Global Eyeglasses, Eyewear Magic, and Zenni Optical. These three stores have a great selection of frames.

I didn't have problems with any. Here's a short rundown of the experience with each store.

1) Global Eyeglasses

Global EyeGlasses explains how to measure your PD (pupillary distance) very well, thanks to the visual below.

  • Arrived very quickly -- something I always appreciate.
  • The frame was a clearance pair, so I got it for just $1.50.
  • + $6.99 per side for lenses (high myopia!).
  • $6.99 for AR coating (which I didn't select).
  • Shipping (in USA): $5.99
Discount Code: "glassyeyes" (good for 10% off)

Total Cost: $19.37

2) EyewearMagic Inc.
  • Free Anti-Reflective Coating with all lenses (nice!)
  • 2 free gifts. At the time of my purchase, one gift was a mini screwdriver -- very useful for spectacle screws...
  • $12, frame + lens
  • They also let you know if a frame is too wide for your face, according to the PD you input. I thought this was convenient.
  • Find your best frame by frame style -- good info. My favorite is the executive look, how about you?
  • Purchasing and production division is in China (so that's where the package comes from)
  • Shipping (in USA): Flat rate of $8.00
Bits of the lens cleaning cloth were coming off on the glasses, but the lens case was unique.

Total Cost: $20.00

* 3) Zenni Optical

I liked Zenni best.
  • Trendy eyewear starting from $8.00 (pic right at the top is by Zenni)
  • +$4.95 for Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Very high prescriptions available
  • Shipping (in USA): Flat rate of $4.95
Total Cost: $17.90

That's it. I read about problems a few people had with Zenni -- slow shipping and bad customer service were the two I remembered. I experienced neither (the shipping was within the 2-week timeframe as stated on the website). Their customer service rep contacted me to confirm my order too (due to the high prescription).

I thought there'd be some kind of gimmick somewhere with Zenni, but I'm very happy with my $8 two-tone plastic frames. I enjoy online shopping when it's fuss-free. For me, Zenni takes the top spot.

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