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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unique Gift for Grandparents

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Rory Siefer is a family historian, whose goal is to help others pass on some of their best life stories, so that they will always be remembered. She was inspired by her grandfather, a WWII veteran, who always loved to tell stories.

These gifts are especially great for the grandparent who has everything.

CatchMyMemory.com features two different Family History kits -- MemoryCatchers, the first of their kind! The MemoryCatchers make saving and sharing a lifetime of stories easy and fun.

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The StoryCatcher

The StoryCatcher was created so that you never lose your loved one's voice, and most importantly, their life story.

This kit was made so that the entire project could be completed in one weekend. Using the included Interview Guide, you will be able to prompt your parent/grandparent to tell stories about the special events (from childhood through their adult life).

Using a simple digital recorder you may complete up to 8 hours of voice recorded interviews. The best part is that the whole family can be involved.

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The PhotoCatcher

This kit was created to save the history behind a loved one's photographs.

The PhotoCatcher helps a parent review, sort, organize, and select 60 of their best photographs. Once the photos are chosen a memory page is created for each image with short written narratives.

By the end of the process, an amazing 60-page storybook is ready to read and share with the whole family! The PhotoCatcher can make a great bedtime story for future generations, or an instant heirloom to keep on the coffee table for everyone to read.

Ms. Siefer truly believes in the importance of taking the time to save the stories while you still can. It is almost like creating a mini time capsule of your loved one's life so it can always be remembered. Both kits retail for $125/each, which includes all the tools needed to complete the process.

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