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Friday, December 14, 2007

Wilson Manor Crafts

Coffee Grinder

I was actually checking out the fountain pens of Wilson Manor Crafts, but I thought this was interesting too (by the way, the fountain pens are a favourite among collectors. There's also a complete line of fine handcrafted wood pens).

Buying whole beans is a great way to make fresh coffee every morning. Hand-grinding it makes it much more special. This functional coffee grinder will allow you to do just that.

The coffee grinder is made of cast iron and Hickory. The bottom drawer opens up to let you scoop out the ground coffee inside. The bottom of the grinder is lined with cork to provide a non-slippy base that will not damage table and/or countertops.

And if you know someone who likes to play darts (I was very into it at one time!), they're sold at Wilson Manor Crafts as well. These are soft-tipped Cocobolo darts for electronic dart boards. Weighing 20 grams each, the tips and flights are standard threaded, and come with three replacement tips. Supplies are limited. The darts come in a set of 3.

PS: Cocobolo is a prized wood highly favored for fine inlay work, and musical instruments like guitars and basses.


jebeng said...

hi...i like that dat..


Jess. said...

yeah, it's very cool ^^