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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Martial Arts Supplies

Black Display Samurai Sword Set has a huge collection of goodies for the martial arts practitioner and/or enthusiast. This samurai sword set can be used for actual practice, or as a decoration for one's home.

The set comes with three beautifully crafted stainless steel "sharp" swords -- they are crafted to look and feel like authentic samurai swords. The scabbards are polished black lacquered wood, and the gold coloured handguard against the black handle catches even the smallest glimmers of light.

The swords included are the Katana (general term for single-edged sword), Wakizashi (similar to but shorter than a katana), and Tanto Black (has a thick pointed blade) Display Samurai Swords.

A real Wakizashi-style sword mounting, Edo period, 19th century

There are also gift items like the really cute Karate Bear. The plush bear from Boyd's Bears stands at 8" (20cm) tall and is dressed in an authentic karate uniform with a black belt. The bear is of the same quality and attention to detail that Boyd's Bears is famous for.

KarateDepot's whole range of martial arts supplies includes uniforms and sparring/training gear, to exercise equipment like leather jump ropes and deluxe exercise mats.

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bappy khan said...

The bear is of the same quality and attention to detail Gift Ideas that Boyd's Bears is famous for.