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Friday, December 21, 2007

Art Gifts

Abstract Thinker

I might not be the biggest fan of abstract art, but I thought this was an interesting take on the classic "thinker" pose. The empty space represents the body dissolving into connection with the world. This piece measures 20cm (around 8 inches).

Bali-Karma has a whole range of other abstract art gifts, which are sure to be talk pieces in a person's room or home. Many of the pieces celebrate the human body, as well as the enjoyment of having a physical form in the universe.

There are funky accessories and animal figurines on the website too. The items are expertly hand carved. The Balinese Carvings section is an inside look at real Balinese Art, which differs from the more commercialized surface that tourists usually see.

Purchasing from Bali-Karma is a way to connect with artists and craftspeople in Bali who are small producers, where the dollars you spend will have the most impact. There's more information on the story of Bali-Karma.

PS: Happy Holidays -- I'll next be back on Wednesday (or earlier, it depends).

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