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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kooky Pet Gifts

Cat Fish Bowl

I chanced upon a list of Kooky Pet Gifts by user ID: kayzee, on thisnext.com.

The cat fish bowl above is witty and sleek. It won't clutter your home or clash with other living arrangements you already have.

I loved the cigars for dogs (handmade cowhide chews that come in assorted flavors including beef, chicken, and chocolate - mmm), as well as the retro black Kit-Cat classic clock with rolling eyes and wagging tail, retailing at $40. There's also a red 75th anniversary edition available.

Featured on the page are also movies for dogs and cats. The movie for dogs is 78 minutes and programmed to repeat. Dogs romp in the water, in the park, catch frisbees, do tricks. The cat movie features birds, butterflies, squirrels, gerbils, and fish.

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