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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Handcrafted Journal

Before there were blogs, there were journals.

Some stats: at 111, the world's oldest man (Mr. Tomoji Tanabe of Tokyo) upkeeps a daily journal. In a recent scientific study, psychologists determined that putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects in the brain. Something which practitioners of mindfulness meditation have been doing for millennia.

Maybe you know someone who still journals, the old fashioned way - it *is* more private! Not to mention all the benefits as listed above.

You could get him or her an authentic, beautifully handcrafted journal from Nepal. There are a couple of wirebound journals too for someone with more fastidious habits, whereby they'd prefer ripping a whole unwanted sheet off instead of having a messy, scribbled and re-scribbled page amidst their lokta/recycled papers (the type of paper that SoulfulLiving uses for its paper products).

SoulfulLiving also has unique gift baskets - you can even mix and match items to create your own gift basket. Thoughtful consideration goes into each of their themes and combinations, which are aptly named to the likes of "Tranquil Meditation" (one of my favorites, looking at the colors is soothing enough), "Awakening" (for energizing), and "Om Mantra".

Something funky about SoulfulLiving is that you can select your favorite gift wrapping from eight colorful and fun specialty wrapping papers. These papers are hand crafted in India and Japan.

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