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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Sound of Music

For the music lover, these are hand-crafted, traditional Peruvian panpipes. These panpipes called zampoña, are the flute of the Andes and dates back to the Inca empire. Read more about this beautiful instrument at: NOVICA - Wind Instruments.

NOVICA is in association with The National Geographic Society. The global aspect of NOVICA is very inspiring, as the website unites you with more than 2000 extraordinary master artists around the world. There's a wealth of information. You can read about their lives, explore their unique cultures, and select from more than 20000 handcrafted works of art available online.

The regions are separated into the following categories: The Andes, Bali and Java, Brazil, India, Mexico, Thailand, and West Africa. The ceramics, glassware, and folk art are fascinating. There's a whole gifts ideas section - earrings (beautiful!), sculptures, bracelets, rugs, tapestries and vases can be purchased. There are also items with a more contemporary feel which would complement a setting that's a bit more urban.

The musical instruments section has the greatest wow-factor to me, because of the sheer vastness of instruments I'd otherwise have known very little about. I thought that I'd never be able to get up close to any of these (apart from them being glass-cased in museums, or extremely well-kept by collectors).

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