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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Romance in a Bottle

For the romantic at heart - send your special one a message in a bottle. Made to look like it came from the sea, with your own special message printed on parchment paper.

A handrolled scroll, placed in a bottle, which includes sand and colorful sea shells to best emulate a feeling of a "bottle washed ashore" (they've really thought of everything). Now isn't that romantic, or what?

The folks at One Passion Place are careful with shipping, as they are well aware of the fragility of this lovely item. These bottles, reminiscent of the seaside, aren't the only two types of bottles that are found on the website.

If I had to select one more, the Top Secret Edition was one that caught my attention too. It's a bottle gift, but a very interesting one as it's solely for the mission of getting a secret note to a special "client". This set boasts an actual lock stopper whereby the gift recipient must use the combination (which is provided to them) to open the bottle, allowing access to the hand rolled scroll that is placed in the 12" glass bottle.

Other items that One Passion Place is selling, include customizable (custom embroidered monogram) spa robes, handcrafted pewter, gift rings and boxes, jewelry and romantic games. Ooh la la love!

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